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Tier System

There are 9 tiers in current tier system consists of a system where it is based on guaranteed allocations for almost all tiers. For the lowest tiers, most launchpads use a lottery-based system, and even though we want to go with guaranteed allocation for all tiers, with a big base of users, guaranteed allocations for the lowest tier result in a problem that the allocations become too small.

TiersAllocationStaking Amount
Tier 1Lottery Based300 PYR
Tier 2Guaranteed1100 PYR
Tier 3Guaranteed2250 PYR
Tier 4Guaranteed6500 PYR
Tier 5Guaranteed8250 PYR
Tier 6Guaranteed110000 PYR
Tier 7Guaranteed22250 PYR
Tier 8Guaranteed55000 PYR
Tier 9Guaranteed55000 PYR

If you don't have PYR , You can buy it on Exchanges like Binance and Kucoin.