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Staking System

Users who are interested in participating in IDOs sand INOs are required to stake a specified amount PYR tokens as part of the whitelisting process. Once an individual successfully completes the staking process, they are granted whitelisted status. This status provides them with exclusive privileges, such as early access, enhanced rewards, or preferential treatment within the project's ecosystem.

User Flow

Profile Setup and KYC Verification:

Users must create a profile and initiate KYC verification by clicking the KYC button in their Profile Section. KYC verification is typically completed within 24 hours by the administrator.

Staking on IDO Launchpad:

Upon successful KYC verification, users gain access to stake their PYR tokens on the IDO Launchpad platform.

Whitelisting Criteria:

To be eligible for whitelisting, users must stake their PYR tokens for 24 hours or more in any pool, meeting or exceeding the minimum amount required for any tier (tier requirements listed on the Tiers Page).

Default Staking Pool and Single Pool Staking:

By default, users stake in the 7 Day staking pool upon initiating staking. Users are restricted to staking in only one pool at a time.

Staking Duration and Re-staking Process:

Users must maintain their staked tokens for a minimum of 24 hours to be eligible for whitelisting. Users cannot stake additional tokens until they have unstaked their current staked amount. Unstaking can only be performed after the completion of the staking time duration.

Unstaking Process:

Users can only unstake their tokens after completing the time duration of the staking pool. If a user's staking pool time ends and they wish to stake more in the same pool, they must first unstake the previous staked amount.

Whitelisting Confirmation:

Once a user has staked for 24 hours or more, they will be automatically whitelisted for IDO or INO participation before the respective start time.