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INO (Initial NFT Offering)

INOs are similar to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), but instead of selling tokens, projects sell NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets that cannot be replaced by another asset. This makes them a valuable way to raise funds for projects, as investors are more likely to be interested in owning a unique asset. They are a new and innovative way to raise funds for crypto projects and offer investors a unique and valuable asset.

User Flow

Whitelisting and Staking:

Users must stake PYR tokens to be whitelisted for the INO (Initial NFT Offering).

INO Details:

Different INOs correspond to different LP Tokens. INOs become active one hour before their start time.

Whitelisted User Participation:

Only whitelisted users have the option to lock LP Tokens in the INO. The number of LP Tokens a user can lock corresponds to their tier: tier 1 users can lock once, tier 2 users twice, tier 3 users three times, and so on up to tier 9.

Tracking INO Participation:

Users can monitor their ongoing INOs in the NFT tab of their profile section under the Inprogress INOs section.

End of INO:

The end join time marks the closure of participation in the INO. When the end join time is reached, the INO status changes to completed.

Locks and Unlocking:

Users can view the number of locks they have in the INO. The Unlock/Claim button remains disabled until the unlock time.

Unlocking and Claiming:

Once the unlock time is reached, users can unlock their tokens and claim their NFT rewards.